Monday, June 2, 2008

The School Year is Over!

May 25 – June 1, 2008

The last week of school leaves nothing it terms of spare time. Give a final, grade a final, enter final grades into the computer – repeat. Add to that a monster student project and the week was shot.

I guess the best thing about a shot week is the opportunity not to work on the car. This blog has attracted a few other converters and it’s been fun emailing back and forth about my project and what they are doing. I read about a guy who used old bed frames to make his battery boxes, so I was checking out the local Goodwill store and found one frame for $5.00. If I bought the same amount of 1-1/4 angle iron it would have been $15-20 – thanks for the tip whoever you were (EVDL). Another fellow EV’er, Brian, is doing a Fiero also. I shared with him some adapter plate info that I hope will work for his V-6 Fiero (mine is a four cylinder). And I met another guy in Ohio that has used the Belktronix system I have ordered. So even when I am not working on the car, I am still learning and sharing – and that folks is what it is all about.

I almost forgot the only work I did do was to refill the transmission. As you may recall, when I bolted my adapter plate I realized that it was now stuck and I had to pop out the other CV joint to get it out. I figured that the seal would survive such a little movement – I just slipped it out and shoved it right back in. Guess what seal failed when I filled the transmission? Not only do I get to replace the seal, but I get to clean up all of that fluid. I am hoping I do not have to completely disassemble that side of the car, but with my luck, I will.

Next week I get to spend most of my time cleaning my lab at school. So it is going to be another slow week… so until next week…


05GTO said...

Hello fellow Fiero Owner...
Very cool stuff!
I've had 5 Fieros over 15 years. I just bought a high millage 88 GT that I am now thinking about converting to an EV in the future after reading your blog. I am still in college so money is still tight. My degree is a B.S. electronics/computers/technology management. I plan on driving the 88 until something major dies. I'll be driving from WI to Mid-Ohio Raceway on Wed. June 18th. Would you be available to display your handy-work?

Thanks for the inspiration!

EL (Electric) Fiero said...

An '88 is a great year to convert with its upgraded chassis. Make sure you check out all of the other Fiero's on the ev album site. Contact me via email about your trip to Ohio.


storm said...

Thanks for the nice blog. It is always nice to see how others handle the challenges. :-)