Wednesday, May 7, 2008

What's An EV'er To Do....

April 28 – May 3, 2008

A busy week at school. I took a small group of students to a robotics competition and worked with a few more getting ready for prom. On top of that (we are near the end of our school year), we are in the serious project mode in all of my classes, so time was at a premium. I did go back and try to remount the adapter with my motor model and the alignment was off a bit. I modified the clutch alignment tool to more precisely install the clutch to the motor adapter and it helped. I seems that this whole alignment thing takes patience and I need to come up with a good system to ensure that the motor (with all of it add-ons) will slide in with the greatest of ease when I have everything ready to install – looks like another jig! The whole assembly should be around 200 lbs when done. With the motor eyebolts and an engine hoist I do not see any real problems, but it is easy to guess while planning.

The other area of thought this week was electronics – in particular, monitoring. I now have two E-meters, a serial model and a non-serial model. These do a good job of keeping track of volts, amps, amp hours and time, but I want to see it all at the same time. I first wanted to try and come up with a home built solution, but after days of research and some good feedback from the discussion list, I decided to go with the E-meters. Now I am looking at different devices to display and data-log the information from the E-meter. These devices are small touch screen computers – a Palm Pilot is a good example. Processing the data is done through a few equations and then transferring the processed data to a screen image. This is an over simplification of the process, but when I get it figured out, I will update this section. So until next week….

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